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Cheeky Chinchillas - How It Began
Cheeky Chinchillas is a site for owners of pet chinchillas. It began, when I bought my first chinchilla from a pet shop in 1999. She was a beautiful Mosaic and I named her Whisper Just a short while before this, I had also bought my first computer. I was determined to put a picture of Whisper on the internet, as I thought she was the most wonderful creature I had ever seen. This is how Cheeky Chinchillas started ... with just one picture of Whisper. She has been my inspiration ever since. Unfortunately in 2006, Whisper started with dental problems. She was unable to eat anything on her own.I hand fed Whisper by syringe 3 times a day for 2¼ years. During this time she had a good quality of life and she was always the first to come out to play.Whisper was always very good and took her food without any trouble.She knew exactly when her feeds were and if I was a little late, she would jump about and make a lot of noise to remind me. Sadly, on the 10th October 2008, she died.I miss her more than I could ever have imagined. I dedicate this site to my much loved chinchilla, Whisper The beautiful piece of muisc playing is an extract from ‘Whisper’ Composed by Jamie Glaser. To listen to more Music click here
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