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Cheeky Chinchillas - Thomas' Story By Louise
This is the story of Louise’s chinchilla, Thomas Thomas was born on the 24th Decenber 1989   
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Thomas (written by Louise January 2010) Thomas was 18mths old when he came to live with me, his first owner had too many animals and felt I would be able to give him and his wife (Fifi) a good home. I knew his owner quite well and had a few visits beforehand to get to know them both. Thomas was so very gentle on the first visit I fell in love with him. Fifi was not so happy! but I later found out she was with baby/kit! I had seen Chinchillas when I had a Saturday job in the local pet shop. I read as much as I could about them. I had always had Rabbits, dogs cats but loved all animals and read every book I could get my hands on!I also had a Kitten which I had had since her birth, she was introduced and loved them straight away ... she never acted like a cat, very gentle interested but never tempted. Thomas & Fifi came to live with me at a tender age of 16 I was revising for my exams and Thomas found it highly amusing running around my bedroom with notes in his mouth! Fifi just sat next to me on the desk watching and growing larger by the day. Fifi gave birth to a lovely Grey (Fifi was Beige and Thomas Grey) I watched in amazement as Thomas tenderly cared for Fifi I was on watch in case Fifi felt overwhelmed and attacked Thomas but she was very happy to let him clean away all the dirty woodchip while their new son ran around them! Fifi and Thomas made great parents … Arnold was lovely just like his Dad in natural but slightly bigger … I decided to keep them together as they all got on so well, snuggled up together, played together it was lovely. Thomas, Fifi and Arnold continued to bring much enjoyment to my life through my exams into college first boyfriend and then very suddenly Fifi died … We were so shocked it broke my heart, more importantly Thomas had his heart broken, I was worried he might give up … but Arnold needed him and Thomas needed Arnold … they both slept next to my bed after that and I often found food littering my bed in the morning as they tried so hard to wake me for a game. It wasn't long before they had the run of my bedroom at night … often came around to find one of them sitting watching me. My grandmother came to live with us (she wasn’t of great mind) one day she decided to take her pain out on me or rather Arnold and let him out of his cage straight into the claws of the family cats (four excluding my cat) the family German Shepherd immediately jumped into action and when I found them, Panza had Arnold between his paws licking him trying to comfort him but sadly he had suffocated where Panza had hidden him away from the cats … I was heart broken once again (I couldn't believe it) he was such a loss and felt this time Thomas would never get over his death.I was wrong he did … he came out on walks with me sitting in my pocket on my shoulder I always had a hand on him in case he fell, but he never made a move but happily sat watching. I then married and decide to try and find a friend for Thomas. We rescued a Chinchilla from the RSPCA he was called Colin but sadly had been hit around the head and been damaged beyond help … so they had separate cages next to each other. The only time Colin allowed me to cuddle him was the day he sadly died due to his past history of head trauma. So after that I decided no more as Thomas was ok on his own. We have now been together 18.5 yrs … I now have sons of my own and Thomas loves having cuddles with them as they love him. He doesn't run around as much but loves watching our 4yr twins do it for him!He has seen off any puppy who fancies its chances at playing with him over the years and seen them grow into adults. He is such a large part of my life, he started out his life along with my beloved Cat Holly who I sadly lost two years ago. He is a very special boy to me and my family. Thomas turned 20 years Christmas Eve (2009)and he is just as lovely as the first day I set eyes on him. With love to my Thomas always and for the special ones I have lost. Update 8th May 2010 - By Louise Thomas went to the vets this morning as I was worried about a mark which I thought might be cataracts starting. I was right and in both eyes, the vet checked him over for general health and was utterly amazed at how well he is doing for his age (20yrs 6mths). He hasn't lost any weight still 1lb 1oz, no lump and bumps in his tummy. She said she was honoured to be in his company! When we went out into reception I was asked if they could see him, so I got him out of his carrier and he sat watching everyone around him (by which time there was a crowd) he is so calm he loved every minute. So my mind is at peace that all is well with him. Just need to keep an eye on his eyes to make sure no infections start.

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