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Cheeky Chinchillas - Rosey's Story By Joanna
This is a lovely story of how Joanna rescued her beautiful chinchilla, Rosey Rosey:  19th September 1989 - 5th November 2009
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Rosey's Story (written by Joanna in June 2009)  I first saw Rosey in 1999 at my very first animal college when Rosey was 9 years old.  She was in a small cage with a male and another female chinchilla that was always attacking her and she had wounds all over her body.  The teachers/animal carers would not take her out, they just said, 'Oh she's fine, they will get over it'. Rosey hardly moved in her tiny cage with the other two chinchillas; she only moved to have a quick sand bath and to get some food and water. One day I heard the teacher/animal carer talking about killing her and feeding her to a snake because she was not, as they said 'popping out babies'.  So, that same day I said to the teachers, 'I will have her off you if you do not kill her'. The teachers said I could have her for a £5, so I bought her and they put her in a small carrier cage with a tiny bit of food. She sat in her tiny cage on my lap on the bus trip home.  There, I told my family we had a new addition to the family. The next day me and mum went out to a pet shop a bought her a cage, food, bowls everything she needed to get her out that small cage and to help her recover.  At first she would not let me touch her at all. She would just run away as fast as she could, but over time by giving her treats letting her out to run and just generally giving her every thing sheneeded she started to trust me. Now I can do what ever I want with her and she will just sit there. She now lives in a 5 level cage, with plenty of room to move and two nest boxes full of sand and loads of toys. Rosey is let out every night to run around, she loves sniffing my mum's tea and my glass of fizzy drink and then running around. She loves her fruit and her raisons, and she loves running all over you if you lie down fully on the floor. Rosey has got a bit slower now due to her age, she is 19 years old now, but she still loves life. I have had her for 10 years now and I love every day with her and she gives you kisses everyday. If I had the chance I'd do it all over again. Rosey Updates August 2009 Rosey has had a few visits to the vet over the last couple of months. Her teeth are fine and the vet thinks it is down to her age. Joanna is leaving the regular food in her bowl and is also offering her some softer food too, made with ground up pellets and a little baby food, which she is taking really well. September 2009     Rosey's Birthday     HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSEY - 20 years old Rosey is still eating her baby food with her crushed up food.  She comes out every day for her cuddles in the morning. When you open her cage she jumps in your arms, then she just falls asleep, it's very cute. We let her out when we can during the day, just so she can have a nap in our arms for a bit. Recently, we have started putting a small hot water bottle in her cage, wrapped up in a towel and she loves it. We have to put her baby food near to the hot water bottle as she does not want to leave it, but she wants her food  :-)   So we put the food near her so she can eat and stay warm, it's very cute. Sad News - November 2009 It's with great sadness that I have to report that Rosey died on the 5th November 2009, aged 20. She had not been well for a while and although Joanna had to make the awful decision of having Rosey put to sleep, it was the kindest thing to do. Rosey had a wonderful, long life with Joanna ... she will be missed so much. R.I.P. Rose
Rosey Septemeber 2009

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