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Snowball 8.1.10 - 11.3.18

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Loved and missed by all the family The Furister Family
Star 26.10.18
Star, our beloved Chinchilla, passed away on Friday 26 October 2018, aged five. Her loss has hit us hard. We adopted her from the RSPCA and fell in love at first sight. She brought us great joy over the years, even when she was chewing on wallpaper or skirting boards, and just about everything else! Affectionate and cheeky, and so much more. That was our Star. Very much part of the family, she will always be remembered as daddy's girl. We loved you, we still love you. You will remain in our hearts forever.
Robert and Tracey
Diamond was the most forgiving, loving, humorous chinchilla you could come across. She touched every heart that she came across, and we only have good memories of her. Rebecca
Apple 23.3.20
Our sweet Apple passed away at age 16. She was such a girly girl and really like to take dust baths and stay super clean! She also really enjoyed playing outside of her cage and stretch her legs. She was a great friend to our family and it was a wonderful 16 years we had with her. We are so grateful to have had her in our lives. Apple, we can't believe you made it this far and we will miss you! Love you forever. XOXO Anthony, Alice, Arthur & Austin
Chumbleton 27.3.20
Today my heart is broken. We lost Chumbleton to Rainbow Bridge on 27.03.2020. The only consolation for us is knowing he will now be back with his loving twin brother Picklesworth. Chumbleton and Picklesworth are back together forever as twinnie chinnies. Chumbleton was the happiest little ball of fluff I’ve ever known. Happy just to sit on my shoulder for hours. We got so much joy from him, and I hope we all made his life exciting, fun and full of love. He will always be remembered, and greatly missed by Mum, Dad, Hannah and Ben. XXXX RIP Chumbie
Fluffy 10.6.08 - 28.6.21
We feel so sad when we lose one of our pets. It's so hard to say goodbye, but they will always remain in our hearts and thoughts. If you would like to write a memorial to your chinchilla or pet, please email me
Chomper 19.1.80 - 23.7.00
Chomper darling. You were so loved yet your hunger consumed you. Three time Show Winning champion, our bright shining star. Ruby and Charlotte