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We feel so sad when we lose one of our pets. It's so hard to say goodbye, but they will always remain in our hearts and thoughts. If you would like to write a memorial to your chinchilla or pet, please email me
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Pepe 17.4.1998 - 15.3.2013 Gone to join Pandora. We are missing you trundling on your wheel. Love Julie Smokey 4th July 2007 - Jan 31st 2013 Smokey I will always love you and I'm going to miss you so much! You have no idea how much losing you has hurt ... I love you my baby.  Love your mommy Jessica Ozwald 31.12.2012 For our dearest Ozzy, who passed away New Year's Eve. Words cannot describe just how much we're all going to miss you, you funny little fuzz bucket. Things will never be the same without you.  But, although you're gone you'll always be in our hearts and memories. We'll never forget the times you made us laugh, Ozwald; you had such a bright, loving, eccentric personality! Goodbye to a dear friend xxx Dusty 2.12.2012 Dusty died on the 2 December 2012.  He was 19 mouths old. We miss him so much, he was so nice Dave Chad 7.3.1994 - 14.11.2012 Sadly passed away in his sleep, aged 18. Will always be remembered along with Charlie and Felix. Charlie 1994 - 1998     Felix 2000 - 2004 Dawn and Faron Chico 23.10.2012 Chico was part of the family. He is still with us in our hearts. Caroline and family Robin and Peaches Robin and Paches were recue chinchillas.Robin passed away in his sleep on the 19th October and Peaches on the 4th November.We are really going to miss them. We loved thme very much and feel lucky that we were able to take care of them The Furister Family Puiu 18.11.09 - 20.8.12 My sweet angel Puiu was the most beautiful thing that happend in my life. Unfortunatly he died last week and took with him my soul. God bless every chin from our lifes. Cristina Alfie and Dusty DOB: 11th September 2009 Alfie & Dusty were brothers - Sadly they died due to a health condition. RIP little ones, gone but never forgotten!! xx Ziggy Sadly Ziggy died from sudden death sydrome at a very young age. The vet never found out what happened but he is still thought about till this day on and I love him dearly. Antoinette Jarvis 21st October 1993 - 2nd July 2012 Sadly we had to have Jarvis put to sleep today, 2nd July 2012. He had been ailing for a few weeks and had to be syringe fed, but kept his cheeky personality to the end.    RIP brave boy.  Elspeth Ali Jane 18th January 2010 - 23rd June 2012 Ali Jane passed on June 23, 2012. She was Beige and 2 years old. She is missed dearly. She became very ill and passed. We don't know of what, nor does the vet. Dearly missed by Chilly, Cesar, and owner, Josetta. We love you Ali, forever and always. Aidan Jerome 7th May - 14th June 2012 Aidan Jerome was Beige and he was 5 weeks old. His mother passed about 9 days later from the same illness. The vet does not know what caused his to become so sick, nor do I. Aidan is dearly missed.  RIP Aidan Jerome. Dearly missed by his mother, Ali (RIP), father, Chilly, brother, Cesar, and owner, Josetta. We love you A-Money (Aidan), we will always love you Rickee 1st December 1999 - May 29th 2012 The most intelligent non-human we've every known returned to his creator on 29th May 2012. We were enriched every day by his precious life. What a perfect creation! We will always remember our little gentleman. L & C Claire May 2012 This Memorial is for my Chinchilla, Claire. Not one day goes by that I do not think of her and miss her. I loved her so so much. Unfortunately, someone let the jack russell terriers upstairs... Jack pushed the door open to my room and killed her. I was devastated. She was all I had and was with me during the lowest point in my life. She brought me immense joy during her short stay on this earth. My father burried her by the wishing well outside the house. My wish is that she is with my relatives watching over me, safe and happy. RIP Claire, my sweet chinchi JJ 2nd June 2006 - 3rd December 2011 To our beautiful big man JJ, not a day goes by since you left that we don't think of you. I can't describe how much we miss you and how much this house feels empty without you. We all love you so much and would do anything to have you back. We hope you are having fun and getting plenty of raisins up there and me and daddy will see you again one day. I'm so sorry I couldn't do anymore for you wee dude. Love you always mummy, daddy and pixie Xxxxxxxxx Nessie 18th February 2006 - 11th January 2012 You are one of a kind and so much like your dad!!   It's ok you had to leave us early and go look after your sister Titch, we will always betwo steps behind you and you will never be forgotten! Love you forever and always!! Love Mommy x Pixie 15th February 2012 Pixie, a 4 year old chinchilla, died a tragic death because of a new roommate's dog that pushed open the door and jumped up and bit her (while she was in my hands) during a cage switch. She died in her mommy's hands on February 15th, 2012. She was rushed to Ness Exotic Center in Lisle, IL. The vet said she most likely did not suffer much because of shock. It was the most horrible experience seeing my baby die in front of me.She was the happiest and bounciest little chin ever.She would jump around on my bed, put one of her little hands on my finger, sit on my legs, etc.I ended up moving back to my old place, because I could not live there after that. It was the first day of living there and the last. My baby girl will forever rest in Heaven. These past days couple of days have been filled with tears. I will never get over her leaving my world... RIP Pixie. Mommy and Trixie (sister chinchilla) miss you. Papa 12th January 2012 In Memory of my pet I've had the longest, a standard grey chinchilla. You were awesome and cute.Goodbye and I'll love you forever. Rest in peace Alex Alfie 7th January 2012 Alfie passed away on sat 7th January 2012.He was only 1 year and 4 months. We miss him very much. Kosmo 29th December 2011 RIP KOSMO. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. THANK YOU FOR EVERY SECOND WE WERE BLESSED TO SHARE WITH YOU. Peanut 28th November 2011 To my darling Peanut, my cuddly chinchilla friend. We loved a lifetimes worth. God Bless. Lisa Thor October 2011 I want to dedicate a memorial to my late chinchilla Thor, who loved to climb. He died at age 2.He had such a bright future, but he is up in chinny heaven. R.I.P baby <3 Georgina Chase 3rd February 2011 I got my chinchilla Chase when I was in third grade. He became my pride and joy from the second I laid eyes on him. Everyday I couldn't wait to get home from school to see him. He quickly became the most important thing to ever cross my path.He passed away quite suddenly on February 3rd, 2011.   I can honestly say that was the toughest day of my life. Chase meant the world to me and still does. I love you with all my heart Chase. You will not be forgotten. Ashley Whisper 31.10.2008 - 5.10.2011 Whisper was a recue chinchilla. She will be missed greatly by the family. At least she passed away happy and in a safe environment with love. The Furister Family Rory 17th April 2007 - 8th March 2011 I got Rory on April 17, 2007. I saw a picture in our local paper about a rescue of chinchillas from a woman who was just breeding chinchillas and not really taking care of them. I went to the local SPCA to see about adopting a male for a companion for my male chinchilla Pierce. One look at Rory and I was smitten with him, he was so skinny and and he was sleeping in a jar. I took him home and tried to introduce him to Pierce but Rory wouldn't have anything to do with Pierce, so I had to borrow a cage from a friend and that's where he stayed for the next 4 years right beside Pierces cage.  I tried numerous times to get them to be friends but they wanted no part of that.  Rory was a love!   He died on March 8th and I really miss him!!  I think Pierce misses him too. Monica Rodolfo 1st February 2005 - 4th August 2011 The best pet and friend we ever had. He is missed every day. Rest in peace. KC & Bochi Chomper 25th May 2011 - 14th September 2011 A wonderful little guy. I hope he is safe up in little chinchilla heaven Jessica Polar Bear 1996 - 11th September 2011 Polar Bear has been with us since November of 1998 he was 1.5 years old when we got him. Polar Bear we will miss you! You were a part of our family. Kari, Jen, Anna & Emily Baby Jewel D.O.B 28th June 2011 Unfortunately, baby Jewel died aged 3 days, but he will always be remembered Lots of love from Daddy Diamond and Mummy Sparkle xxx Little Lima 13th July 2011 Little Lima was put to sleep on Wednesday after a brave battle.  Sadly the little guy's problems were too complex and the decision was made to end his suffering.  He was a real character and has been brave throughout the many treatments he has had. He was 9 years old. We will all miss you so much buddy boy. RIP little angel. xxxxxxxx
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