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We feel so sad when we lose one of our pets. It's so hard to say goodbye, but they will always remain in our hearts and thoughts. If you would like to write a memorial to your chinchilla or pet, please email me
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Maurice 1st June 1984 - 22nd May 2010   You have had a wonderful long life and I am so glad that I was able to share your last 12 months of life. You will always stay with me and you will always live on as you have left behind two of your kits, Chloe and Baby May and I hope you pass on your wonderful character and long life to them. I will always love you and miss you so much. Karen Chinny 11/05/2010 R.I.P Chinny you will always be loved. Now you are in a better place and not hurting no more. I love you so much. I will never forget. I LOVE YOU AND DONT FORGET AimeeXX Chinny 20/10/2007 to 11/05/2010 R.I.P Chinny you are always going to be loved and never forgot. You're not in pain no more. You were like my baby boy and always use to cuddle in to me. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU FOREVER. XXXX LOVE YOU MY BABY BOY JODIE XXXXXXXXXXXXX Tails 28th April 2010   Miss you tails, hope you are happier where you are now. She leaves behind Raison, who was just getting to know her and was going to be introduced the same day We love you lots and lots Susan xxx Justin 9th April 2010 I just wanted to write a little note in memory of my beatiful chinchilla Justin. I had the very hard decition to have to put you to sleep this afternoon, with on going teeth problems. Justin was a rescue chin, who I had the greatest honour to call mine for the past 372 days, he was loved so very much and leaves a very big hole in our familys lives. I loved you every single day, and the times we shared I will never forget. Love and miss you everyday. xoxo Donna Thor 1995 - 2010 R.I.P. Thorman Kristy Lilly 3rd March 2010 Lilly died on the third of March and Olivia and Morgan are very sad. We are going to bury her in our garden. Olivia Anthony 21st February 2010 On the 20th of February we took Anthony to get a spur removed from one of his back teeth. The vet "said" she had taken care of Chincillas before so we had no real reason to worry. We brought him home to recover from the medicine only to take him to another vet today. With 30 minutes of being there, he stopped breathing on us and died. So know we have a set of twins who have lost their father. He was a very loving little guy and he will be greatly missed by all.  He was a great son, brother, father, mate and friend. He always knew how to make you smile. We will always remember our Anothny!! Christine Mara 29th November 2009   We sadly lost our German Shepherd 'Mara' on 29th November, 2009. She was a beautiful dog and we miss her very much. Margaret Jake 29th November 2009 A Very Fond farewell to our lovely little Jake who will be sadley missed by both myself and my husband Alan. Someone who will miss Jake even more, will be his Brother Fred, who is still looking for Jake ... Hopefully time will heal. God Bless to our Jake Julia and Alan Alfie R.I.P. to a loving chinchilla called Alfie Aaron Chino 31st october 2009 On October 31st 2009, I said goodbye to my brave boy, Chino. He was brave and I miss him. I wish his old owners hadn't abused him. I wish I could have saved him. I will never forget you little Chino. Never. Angela

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