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Cheeky Chinchillas - Maurice's Story By Karen
This is the story of Karen's chinchilla, Maurice Maurice:  1st June 1984 - 22nd May 2010
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Maurice (written by Karen October 2009) I adopted my first chinchilla in August 2008, she was 8 years old and her owner no longer wanted her. In November 2008, my local pet shop asked if I wanted another chinchilla, how could I resist. This chinchilla had been advertised in the pet shop for 6 months no one wanted her ... but I did. Her owner brought her to me and I called my new chinchilla Chloe. She was born in June 2008. In June 2009 I sent her previous owner a photograph of her showing how she looked at the age of 1. He then informed me that Chloe's parents; Maurice 24 and Maria 9, had had another kit. Did I want her? She was called "May" and was born on 1st May. She was still suckling off her mum so I said I would wait, but how could I? The owner said that if I was to take May, then I would obviously have to take Maria ... but that would leave 24 year old Maurice by himself. So I decided to take all 3 home. A ready made family! I could not understand how the owner could let Maurice go after having him for so long, but he has soon adapted to a new life and he has lots of new toys and chews in his cage. His ears are paper thin and he has a cataract in his right eye but he has no problems getting around the cage ... or spotting half a grape every now and then !  He appears to be enjoying his "old age". He had been in a cage with no chews, no toys, but he had been loved and handled. I believe the owner gave him away because he could not face the "dreaded day". I have owned Maurice now for nearly 6 months and he appears fit and healthy. I promised myself I would try and not get too attached to him, as I honestly believed he would not live for much longer but how can you not get attached to him. Baby "May" lives in another cage with her sister and her friend. She too has settled down very well. 22nd May 2010 Some very sad news. Sadly Maurice died on the evening of May 22nd 2010. He was 25 years old ... almost 26.
Maurice   you   have   had   a   wonderful   long   life   and   I   am so   glad   that   I   was   able   to   share   your   last   12   months of life. You   will   always   stay   with   me   and   you   will   always   live on   as   you   have   left   behind   two   of   your   kits,   Chloe and    Baby    May    and    I    hope    you    pass    on    your wonderful character and long life to them. I will always love you and miss you so much.    Karen

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