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Roxana rescued Iky in 2011 when he was just 4 weeks old.
'He was not able to stand on his own. His head was in constant movement, and his eyes were looking in exterior.
After a few investigations we found that his fontanella was still open (a genetic anomaly probably).
After months of injections and vitamins he is now ok. Not a normal dog, but he can live a good life.
His head is still shaking sometimes, and he has minor loss of equilibrium.
He's afraid of strangers and other dogs, but as handicapped as he is we love him very much.'

Dizy and Blu - Courtesy of Roxana
Dizy was rescued from a Fur Farm and now has a lovely home with Blu

Furby - Courtesy of Roxana

Blu and Mimo - Courtesy of Roxana

Blu and Red - Courtesy of Roxana

Roxana found this 5 day old puppy abandoned. (Jan 2009)
Feb 2009 - She is currently hand feeding, until she can find a new home for him

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