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Cheeky Chinchillas - Cheeky Chinchillas’ Music
Whisper This magical piece of music encaptures the gentle, endearing nature of these beautiful creatures Cheeky Chinchillas This lively piece, reflects their inquisitive nature and 'cheeky' antics Chinmania Another lively piece which mirrors their animated, high-spirited nature Chinplay Aztec 1 This is an atmospheric piece of music creating a perfect ambience Aztec 2 Nenya Nennie The Noodle Farewell Faline Darcy Little Miss Bossie CheekyChinchillas’ Halloween A spooky sound for Halloween - includes chinnie sounds Thank you to Jamie Glaser for composing the music for this site
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Below you can listen to the Cheeky Chinchillas' music (stop the piece you are listening to, before before starting a new one)

Cheeky Chinchillas

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