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How Old is Your Chinchilla? To read about some older chinchillas please click here If you would like to wish your chinchilla a 'Happy Birthday' on the Cheeky Chinchillas website, I will be happy to place a greeting to celebrate the occasion on the monthly Birthday Page Please scroll down to fill out the form From this information, I will compile a database on the ages of pet chinchillas, so please don't forget to include the Day, Month and Year they were born. I feel this will be of interest to owners of pet chinchillas. I shall post the results HERE for you to view. No personal imformation will be included, only the chinchillas' name, owner's name and the year the chinchilla was born.I respect your privacy and your e-mail address will not be passed on to any third party and will only be used by me to contact you. If you wish to take part, please complete the form below. I appreciate that some owners will not know the exact date, so if you are unsure of the day and month, please give one as close as possible. This way, I can include your chinchilla on the appropriate monthly Birthday Page each year.

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