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This    site    endeavours    to    provide    information    on    caring    for    pet    chinchillas    with    pages    on    feeding chinchillas,   their   general   care,   equipment,   cages   and   health   problems.   The   general   care   and   feeding   of your pet chinchilla is very important. The   health   page   covers   the   more   common   problems   and   there   is   some   helpful   information   on   hand feeding if your chinchilla is sick. Keeping and looking after a chinchilla is a long term commitment. There   are   also   photographs   and   videos   of   chinchillas,   along   with   a   page   on   the   different   sounds   and noises that a chinchilla can make. I have also included details and photos of the more common colours of chinchillas. This   site   is   for   owners   of   pet   chinchillas   and   not   a   breeder's   site.      However,   I   have   included   some   basic information on breeding with photographs of kits. Along   with   information   about   the   general   care,   health   and   feeding   of   your   pet   chinchilla,   there   are Pictures, Videos, Chinnie Chequers and a page of humour, which I hope you will find amusing. There is always a competition running, so why not enter and try to win one of the chinchilla prizes. Send a picture of your own chinchilla or pet to display on the site The Cheeky Chinchillas Challenge has  previously helped to raise funds for Chinchilla Rescue. For   those   of   you   who   are   not   familiar   with   chinchillas,   they   are   members   of   the   rodent   family   and originate   from   the   rocky   mountain   range   of   the   Andes   in   South   America.   Discovered   by   Spanish explorers   in   the   1500's,   they   were   named   after   the   Chincha   Indians,   who   through   necessity   to   keep themselves warm and have food to eat, used them as a source of food and made clothing with their fur.  Later   introduced   to   Europe,   their   soft   luxurious   fur   became   very   popular   and   was   sought   after   so   much, it nearly caused their extinction, as literally millions of chinchillas were killed for their pelts. It is very distressing to know that it takes well over a 100 chinchillas just to make one coat! Today,   hunting   the   wild   chinchilla   is   banned   and   they   are   protected   by   the   Convention   on   International Trade of Endangered Animals. Mr   M.F.   Chapman,   is   responsible   for   the   domestication   of   the   chinchilla.   He   worked   as   a   a   mining engineer   in   Chile.   In   1923,   after   finally   getting   permission   from   the   Chilean   Government,   he   transported 11   chinchillas   to   California.   They   bred   successfully   and   were   originally   sold   to   fur   ranches   and   then later   sold   as   pets.   It   is   more   than   likely   that   most   of   our   pet   chinchillas   today   are   descended   from   Mr Chapman's original eleven. This site is dedicated to Whisper   the Chinchilla                                         Always in my heart I hope you will enjoy your visit and call again soon.
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